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inBody 570

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What is in body 570?

To determine how to best enhance your health and wellness, an in-depth analysis of your body composition is necessary. With the inBody570, you can measure body water, muscle mass, and fat mass in 45 seconds with a non-invasive, user-friendly test. This revolutionary device uses no empirical estimations so it can provide an accurate analysis based only on your unique body.

In addition to basic body composition measurements, the inBody 570 can also provide additional metrics such as segmental fat analysis and visceral fat level as well as deliver actionable advice based on accurate testing and provide tracking to help you determine the success of your actions.

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How it works

With the InBody 570, you can quickly and easily find out information on your body composition without the need for invasive tests or long waiting periods. Simply stand on the machine and let the cutting edge technology use safe, low-level electrical currents pass through your hand and foot electrodes. Once the test has been completed, the knowledgeable staff at Omaha’s Water Store will help you interpret results and develop a plan to reach your overall wellness goals.

Optimal Healing with Water

Once you have used the results from the InBody 570 to determine a plan of action to enhance your wellness, you can boost your results by using and drinking the right water. The team at Omaha’s Water Store will help you choose a water subscription that best suits your needs.

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