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Hydrogen Inhalation

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What is hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen gas is essentially a gas that has been infused with hydrogen. It may come in the form of pure hydrogen gas, hydrogen mixed with oxygen, or a hydrogen/air mixture. Pure hydrogen gas and hydrogen/oxygen mixture (also called Brown’s gas) systems are the two most commonly available in the commercial marketplace, whereas hydrogen/air mixture machines are more frequently used in research settings.

Hydrogen Molecular Therapy

What are the advantages of inhaling hydrogen gas?

  • Breathing hydrogen gas allows you to intake large quantities of molecular hydrogen in a short amount of time. Depending upon the condition you are hoping to target, you may need to consume very high levels of molecular hydrogen in order to receive therapeutic benefits. Inhaling hydrogen gas lets you take in much more molecular hydrogen per day than you could get from drinking hydrogen water alone. 
  • From a practical standpoint, hydrogen gas inhalation is a better method of hydrogen delivery for the elderly, people with kidney disorders, or anyone who may have a hard time drinking large quantities of water and/or getting up to use the restroom multiple times per day.
  • Another benefit to hydrogen gas inhalation is that studies show it does a better job of delivering molecular hydrogen to the circulatory system and yields higher concentrations of molecular hydrogen in organs and tissues than drinking hydrogen water. It also appears to be better suited for acute disorders, injuries, or diseases such as cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, or traumatic brain injuries.


  • When drinking hydrogen water, it’s helpful to look at the milligrams per liter to determine how much to ingest per day. Hydrogen gas inhalation works a little differently. To understand dosage you need to know the hydrogen gas flow rate and/or the hydrogen gas concentration percentage.
  •  The flow rate will tell you how many milliliters of hydrogen gas are coming out of the product each minute. The faster the ml/min (milliliters per minute), the faster the molecular hydrogen will saturate the blood and begin working in the body. A higher flow rate is more efficient at delivering hydrogen to the body and reducing the amount of hydrogen that is lost in the transfer from the system to the body.
  • The current scientific literature recommends a minimum flow rate of 120-240 ml/min to receive therapeutic benefits from hydrogen gas treatment. At the normal resting breathing rate, studies have shown that hydrogen gas inhalation works best when the hydrogen is 2-4% volume by concentration.
  • Molecular hydrogen benefits many health conditions as hydrogen is an incredible anti-oxidant​2​, anti-inflammatory, and has anti-apoptotic neuroprotective effects​3​. This means that it affects the cells to self-repair and be more resilient.
  • Molecular hydrogen targets (Nrf2)-mediated redox signaling under oxidative stress and down-regulates inflammatory cytokines and it also prevents free radical chain reactions.​That makes hydrogen inhalation a novel anti-aging or longevity technology today.
  • Excited?! It’s no wonder that the universe’s simplest known molecule is the building block of life. It’s almost 63% of the body actually if you consider the weight-to-size ratio!
  • In cell studies and animal models, molecular hydrogen using various strategies of application has been found to improve cognitive dysfunction, hypertension, brain injury​​, sepsis​​, oxidative stress, cellular dysfunction​​, progression of brain hemorrhage​​, dry eye disease​​, ovarian cancer, and prevents Parkinson’s disease among others.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit of hydrogen inhalation is as an important medical gas to be fitted in ICUs as it has been found to have an immediate beneficial effect on Sepsis. There is ongoing interest in utilizing molecular hydrogen inhalation for resuscitation.
  • Benefits Molecular Hydrogen heart health
  • In a study from Ehime University, Japan it was concluded that hydrogen inhalation provides benefits in heart disease by reducing oxidative stress and could safely be applied at home as an effective strategy for the prevention of vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.​
  • In 2016, a pilot clinical trial by Japanese scientists for the feasibility and safety of hydrogen inhalation for post-cardiac arrest syndrome was conducted. They found that hydrogen inhalation combined with target temperature management survived with a favorable neurological outcome.
  • In 2017, scientists and doctors from Keio University School of Medicine, Japan, conducted a clinical trial where hydrogen inhalation was found effective for Post-Cardiac Arrest Syndrome. Hydrogen gas therapy was found to be feasible, and safe and could promote recovery even six months after angioplasty with stent or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for ST-Elevated Myocardial Infarction.
  • Molecular hydrogen inhalation can also benefit recovery from stroke and during stroke rehabilitation. In 2017, Japanese scientists conducted RCT to study the safety and efficacy of hydrogen inhalation in the treatment of acute cerebral infarction.​ They found that hydrogen inhalation is safe and improves oxygenation. Also, they found the MRI signal intensity at the stroke site improved in Hydrogen gas therapy patients. Decent improvements were found in all parameters including physical therapy and neurological impairments. The treatment consisted of 1 hour of 3% hydrogen inhalation. Simple.
  • Molecular Hydrogen certainly has the potential for use in cancer therapy. In an RCT by scientists from the University of Pittsburgh, United States, cancer patients receiving radiation therapy were given hydrogen-infused water. They concluded that daily consumption of hydrogen-rich water improved the quality of life and reduces radiation-induced oxidative stress in these patients.​
  • Evidence is now emerging that Hydrogen Inhalation is an advanced cancer treatment. In multiple ethical trials in China, hundreds of Stage 3 and 4 patients were given hydrogen gas treatment. On the basis of these trials, it was established that hydrogen inhalation can control the progression of cancer in 85% of stage 3 and 47% of stage 5 patients.​ This is a breakthrough meta-analysis study that could bring molecular hydrogen to the forefront of cancer clinics worldwide.
  • In another clinical trial, hydrogen therapy was used to control tumor progression and reduce the side effects of medications in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. It was concluded that hydrogen inhalation can significantly benefit such patients and can be combined with chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy to improve the outcomes.​
  • Many animal studies have found benefits of hydrogen inhalation to protect and treat lungs. In 2016, scientists from Hebei Medical University, China conducted an RCT to study the protective effects of hydrogen inhalation on the lungs of sanitation workers exposed to haze or pollution from medical waste and air pollution. They concluded that inhalation of hydrogen gas can reduce airway inflammation and oxidative stress as well as improve respiratory symptoms such as cough.​
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Optimal Healing with Water

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