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What is braintap?

Are you using your brain’s full potential? Most of us are not. If you are experiencing sleep difficulties, high levels of stress, low energy, or difficult lifestyle changes, you can benefit from the rejuvenating effects of braintapping. In under half an hour, you can balance your nervous system and train your brain to become more creative and resilient, enhancing every part of your life.

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How it works

Omaha’s Water Store offers the BrainTap headset for patients who want to experience the benefits of achieving the optimal brain state. In addition to delivering light pulses through your ear meridians and the retina, BrainTap can also help you harness the power of light frequency therapy and the healing sonic effects of audio sessions. Your session will last from 10-20 minutes and a trained professional will help guide your session to help you achieve optimal results.

Optimal Healing with Water

Your brain cannot function properly without the right water. When you come in for a BrainTap session, one of the team members at Omaha’s Water Store will help you choose a water membership that will ensure your brain is fully hydrated so it can operate at a high level.

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