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How Important Is Hydration for Children?

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Growth during childhood is as much mental as it is physical. That means overall well-being is directly linked to what your child consumes when it comes to food and drink. While you may see small cans of sugary soda packed into easy-to-go meals, it is not the best hydration option for your growing child.

Hydration For Children: 5 Facts You Should Know

Now that you know how important hydration is for your growing child, let us dive into five facts about the importance of optimal hydration.

Hydrogen-Rich Water for Active Children

Water is the healthiest fluid that could go into your body, but what if we could make water even more optimal. Not all water is the same. Hydrogen-rich water provides antioxidants, enhanced hydration, and even has some mood-enhancing benefits, especially during the ages when children are emotionally developing.

Alkaline Water for The Mind

When we experience too much oxidative stress, free radicals run rampant in our bodies. This cellular damage is not exclusive to just blood cells, it can affect our brain cells too. Alkaline water gives our children the hydration necessary to block free radical damage to the body and the brain, improving their mental growth and ability.

Hydration To Keep the Weight Off

Not only do alkaline and hydrogen-rich water provide for your mind, but it helps you consume fewer calories too. When you are hydrated, you will not feel the desire for sugar or any processed food that makes it difficult to lose weight and slow metabolism. That is why, when hunger strikes, go for a bottle of alkaline water instead for your child instead of a can of soda for your child.

Cleaner Water

Alkaline water goes through a process to raise the pH of the water to make it cleaner than regular water, as any acidity is flushed out. When your child is thirsty at night, keep a bottle of alkaline water nearby so they do not have to get up to pour water from the faucet.

It is important for your child, as they develop, to consume healthy and safe foods and drinks. Alkaline and hydrogen-rich water have the health benefits to support an active and healthy lifestyle.


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